Chocolate Meringue Bites

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Our premium range of MERINGUE BITES is made using organic Australian egg whites and Australian sugar. Our Chocolate Meringue Bites have also been drizzled with organic Peruvian 55% cocoa dark chocolate.

We hand-break our freshly cooked meringue sheets into little bites for you to indulge yourself or give as a gift to someone special.

They are a perfect sweet treat as they are or they can also be enjoyed:

  • With cream and fresh berries as a decadent Eton Mess
  • Crumbled over mousses, puddings, cakes and ice-cream
  • With toasted nuts and melted chocolate
  • Drizzled with dessert sauces

Ingredients: Australian sugar, organic Australian egg whites, organic Peruvian 55% cocoa dark chocolate (organic cane sugar, organic cocoa mass (cocoa liquor), organic cocoa butter), white vinegar, organic cornflour

Allergen: Egg.

30 grams per box


ADDITIONAL NOTE: We have recently updated the packaging of our Meringue Bites. They are now in boxes 3cm shorter than they previously were. Some older packaging remains. If you would prefer to only receive the new look please let us know.